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Hello and welcome to our little place in cyberspace. Excuse the mess, but it is a little hard to code without fingers. We'll try to update the site when we have time (and when our human isn't puttering on OUR computer), so come back often.

Use the menu on the left to navigate the site and visit our web cams and photo galleries. The best time to catch us is during the day when our human is at work earning food money. However, you can sometimes catch us using the remote condo cam when we are relaxing on the couch or playing.

Don't forget to read our blog and follow us on Twitter. The blog is updated infrequently, but we're trying to get more computer time from the evil human (he's really not so bad).

Enjoy the site!

Roxie T. Pug & Froggie

Just released! Our newest video. Enjoy!

Remember to be earth-friendly! (Some of our pug friends are SO smart!)